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Burning with the Finder

I’ve created a reference page for burning CDs and DVDs that will work with the DVP642. It currently covers how to do it using the Mac OS X Finder.
Check it.

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Reference: Burning Discs for DVP642

So you’ve managed to create an AVI file. Congratulations, now what are you going to do with it? While you could leave it on your hard drive and view it with VLC, the whole point of these exercises is to get your videos into the DVP642 and onto a television screen. And we do that [...]

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Handbrake: let’s talk performance

In my last post, I laid out, step by step, the process to create a DVP642-compatible AVI file using Handbrake. Now let’s talk about performance.
By performance I mean two things: speed and quality. How fast will Handbrake encode your video? How good will the picture look when it’s done?
I’ll save quality for a future [...]

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DVP642 Quick Tip: Adding audio tracks

If you have an existing AVI file that you know works in your player and you wish to add more audio tracks (your own MST3k performance maybe? or perhaps a commentary?), make sure that all your tracks are the same format (MP3 or AC-3) and the same bitrate.
Don’t try to cut corners and reduce the [...]

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The Quickest, Easiest Way to Create a DivX AVI for DVP642

How to use Handbrake to create an AVI that will play on Philips’ DVP642 DVD player.

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Greetings and Welcome

For all the Mac’s sophistication at creating and editing videos (via iMovie, Final Cut Pro, etc), it is decidedly lacking in the “hobbyist tools” for video conversion department in comparison to Windows. In particular, tools for creating and editing videos (avi files) for Philips DVP642 have been notably limited.
Thus, on this site, I hope to [...]

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The Setup

In order to guage which methods will work on various hardware configurations, each encoding workflow discussed on this site will be conducted on the Mac hardware at my disposal:

1.87GHz Intel CoreDuo iMac (stock hard drive, 1.5GB ram)
Dual 2.0GHz PowerMac G5 (stock hard drive, 2GB ram)
1.25GHz PowerBook G4 (stock drive, 512MB ram)

The source material used in [...]

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