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Bulk erase CD-RWs and DVD-RWs with Mac OS X Terminal

One of the advantages of Philips’ DVP642 DVD player is its ability to use re-writable CDs and DVDs. Makes it easy to test various encoding programs and settings. Or if you miss an episode of CSI and want to grab it off the ‘net, just burn it, watch it and erase it. There’s no need [...]

17 November 2006 | tips | 3 Comments

DVP642 Quick Tip: Adding audio tracks

If you have an existing AVI file that you know works in your player and you wish to add more audio tracks (your own MST3k performance maybe? or perhaps a commentary?), make sure that all your tracks are the same format (MP3 or AC-3) and the same bitrate.
Don’t try to cut corners and reduce the [...]

21 August 2006 | tips | No Comments